A Clockwork Orange

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In addition to sex as an inspiration for art, It is also an inspiration for many other creative fields, like design. It is popularly known as Erotic Design, especially design works in movies. In this article, we will talk about another movie full of seductive erotic designs. That movie is; A Clockwork Orange (1971)

A dark social sci-fi adaptation of the 1962 novel of the same name by Anthony Burgess. When it was released it was opposed to and criticized for gender-based violence and the promotion of social nastiness to the extent that Kubrick had to suspend the filming himself. It was later hailed as one of the best sci-fi movies of all time in modern film history.

The movie tells the story in a future world that is full of strange distortions. Through the impulsive character of Alex (Malcolm McDowell), a hot-blooded young man,  leader of a violent gang of thugs likes mayhem is passionate about crime and rape. Unlike other criminals, Alex has good taste and behaviour with fashionable and stylish clothes. He usually dresses in plain white while committing crimes and listens to Beethoven.

Besides the scandalous content, strange stories with not so obvious conclusions that deeply criticized modern society and human nature, the other thing that stands out as well as its content is the bold style of production design that entails bright colors and dreadful elements that are extremely erotic and seductive.

Designed by British production designer John Barry (who later became famous for producing classic sci-fi films like Star Wars (1977), Superman (1978), along with (Russell Hagg) and Peter Shields.

The performance of Barry in this movie, Inspired design styles like  Futuristic-Kitsch and Psychedelic Design, as well as Mid-Century Modern and Erotic Art & Design. This was highly popular in the ’60s. It’s not just a scene that supports the characters but rather the setup of the scene as well. It can be noted that he often immersed the camera in these scenes for a long time without changing the angle of the camera. so as to let his audience indulge in the beauty of the setup.

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The scenes featured in this movie are scenes in the room of the lady who kept cats. Mr Alex robbed, raped, and then murdered the cat lady. The set up in this scene was decorated with seductive erotic art (Erotic Art) such as pop-style nude paintings and painting by Dutch pop art artist Cornelis Makkink.

Kubrick did not plan to use his work in the film in the first place. However, his wife, Christiane Kubrick (also a painter), introduced Kubrick to an exhibition of  Makkink in London to come up with ideas and inspiration for the movie’s design set. The result was that Kubrick was deeply fascinated and brought 9 pieces of Makkink’s paintings for the movie altogether.

Another piece that is equally outstanding is a big white penis sculpture. This is another of Dutch sculptor Herman Makkink (Cornelis Makkink’s brother). The painting is called The Rocking Machine. The work was not designed for this film because it originally appeared in Tinto Brass’s Dropout (1970). When Kubrick and his wife visited the brothers’ studio and saw it, they liked it immediately and used it in the movie. The work of the elder Makkink was inspired by the shape of the penis. Combined with the beautiful curvature of the buttocks, transformed into a seductive, wobbling fiberglass sculpture of its name.

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The Rocking Machine – Herman Makkink

There is also another of Herman Makkink’s notorious work, The Christ Unlimited, a miniature sculpture. The image of Jesus with a crown of thorns, hanging around his neck, with his right hand raised featured in the movie as well. But the most iconic scene in the film is “Korova Milkbar” or “fresh milk Bar”, where Alex and his fellow gangster Droogs use to mingle and mix fresh milk, also known as “Moloko plus drencom” (Milk plus Drugs). The most striking element of this bar is dozens of frizzy-haired naked women statues posing as furniture and the milk press machine.

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 Stanley Kubrick, director, and John Barry Productions got inspiration for the design of this notorious furniture set by visiting a sculpture exhibition by an artist who used a model of a naked woman to make furniture. The sculptor was named Allen Jones.

A British pop art artist created a series of sculptures in 1969 called “Women as Furniture”, a life-sized nude woman with fiberglass statues. Based on photographs of leather-bound women in bondage sex fantasies (Fetish sex and Bondage Sex), his work is inspired by Sigmund Freud’s psychological and sexual theories. Carl Jung, in 1964 received the Prix des Jeunes Artistes Award at the Paris Biennale Art Festival and designed the production for several films, including Barbet Schroder’s Maitresse (1977). For ‘Women as Furniture ‘this series of him has brought him a lot of fame and success and become a master of art in style Forniphilia. 

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Women as FurnitureAllen Jones

LaterHis work also inspired the scandalous design set of A Clockwork Orange, creating the idea of ​​using a handsome nude woman to create bar furniture for fresh milk in a movie. By hiring a nude model to pose as a table. And hired female sculptor Liz Moore to create fiberglass furniture models. Until it became a set of furniture that created an atmosphere of strange, dazzling, and seduction for the movie in an incredible way. It has become one of the most notorious design sets in the movie industry. The owner of the original work, Allen, was not paid a single dollar for any of his imitated works. But all the production and design productions in A Clockwork Orange itself has become an inspiration and source of thought to many other film and design industries and has become a beloved movie for it’s creative work to date.


Futuristic-Kitsch is a  design style influenced by Kitsch art, which is a dozen art that can be found in a combination of old and new images mixed together. It can be seen in the old sci-fi movies for example, in the sci-fi movie Barbarella (1968)

Psychedelic Design, is a design style influenced by psychedelic works of art that derive from the artist’s state of lack of mental control. Mostly caused by drug activity which will cause hallucinations or fantasies. The nature of the work will be colorful, dazzling, and strange details. 

 Forniphilia is a form of art or sexual activity that takes the form of a naked woman or that of a human being (or real people) to make furniture, tables, chairs, etc. in response to sexual fantasy.


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