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Art Chairs, Leda

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Leda (1935-2009),

“Femme à la Tête Rose” was painted in 1935 by the painter Salvador Dalí. To many this painting was strange but it later became one of the largest sought-out paintings in the world.  Dali painted this chair for his close friend Jean-Michel Frank, a furniture maker and decorator.

This chair was not manufactured in any way. Six decades later a group of designers and sculptors like Robert Descharnes, Oscar Tusquets, and Joaquin Camps have transformed furniture. Imagine Dali’s paintings in the real world. In addition to this chair, there are also other works created from the imagination of many pieces of Dali, such as tables, sofas, benches, etc., chairs, armchairs, sliding shapes, and drops. The backrest is in the form of a flowing hand to grasp the leg that wears high heels with a strange and eccentric look in the style of surrealist art, the chair is made of cast brass. A prototype by sculptor Joaquin Camps produced and distributed by Bd Barcelona.

Leda is a woman in Greek mythology that was pursued by the great god Zeus and together they had a daughter later known as Helen or Helen of Troy.

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Salvador Dalí (1904/1989), a prominent artist in the major art movement and most influential in the early 20th century in surrealism in the 1920s was the most famous and active member of the group. Dali combined work skills according to the traditions influenced by master painters Raphael, Bronzino, Johannes Vermeer, and Diego Velasquez (Diego). Velázquez) meets the up-and-coming techniques of modern art by his passionate artist Pablo Picasso, to become a distinctive identity.

One of the most well-known works of Dali is The Persistence of Memory (1931), an expanse of sweeping vistas with an eccentric atmosphere and contradictory elements, evoking fearsome, surrealism, like a melted clock. Sweet butter Being hit by a colony of ants, he was inspired by seeing the camembert cheeses dissolving after eating dinner.

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The painting “Melting Watch” is a popular picture that collapses. It pushed the reputation of Dali to rise to the sky and became a fragrant artist in the arts and intellectual circles of that time, this painting became a symbol and memory of surrealist art. It was capped, reproduced, and imitated countless models to date and Dali is the artist that represents the most remembered of Surrealism group although he was later dismissed from the group.


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3. Femme à la Tête Rose (1935), ซัลบาดอร์ ดาลี, สีน้ำมันบนผ้าใบ, ภาพจาก

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