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Back in the day, a lot had to be done to determine whether a piece of art would be successful. This took time, longer than the life of the artist. In history, there are many artists who failed to see their achievements. Their work was not recognized while they were alive but after they died these works became famous, recognized, and of great value.

 For example, the artist Vincent van Gogh, a medieval Dutch painter. Post-Impressionism one of the most influential people of modern art in the Western world fully conveys the state of emotion and spirit into his works. Through bright, vibrant colors, heavy and powerful brush strokes, and applying thick paint to the canvas until a puncture heavy brush expressing overwhelming inner emotions his style of work delivered.

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Still Life Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers, August (1888

There are countless influences on artists and art movements from the 20th century to the present. Until being regarded as however, during his lifetime, Jo van Gogh suffered an income failure in his career as an artist. He lived through poverty all his life. He sold only one painting. That his work is new and advanced and something that came very early but after his death, a never-before-seen Van Gogh painting turned into a priceless, upscale price to become the most expensive painting in the world. Some of the images cost more than 100 million USD.

Artists such as Amedeo Modigliani, one of the most influential painters in the history of modern art is known for his unique work on nude portraits. Unlike other works from artists of that time, he was one of the greatest artists of all time. But Modigliani paintings showed a dull mood and sadness, it also took a different approach from the art of the time. And has a rebellious challenge to the customs of society. His work is therefore not very popular during his lifetime. He is the epitome of an artist whose life was in poverty and later become a legend. Like an ill-fated artist like Van Gogh, sometimes in a poverty-stricken period, he even had to exchange his paintings for food from a restaurant to survive. Ironically, after Modigliani died, his creations became hugely popular and sold for exorbitant prices. Some of his paintings were auctioned off for $ 170.4 million.

In this league of artists is also Andy Warhol an American artist who is known as the godfather of pop art. One of his most famous and recognizable pieces, Campbell’s Soup Cans (1962), was first shown at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles in the year 1962, it was not been well received by the audience and the public. Art critics from that era did not like it because it did not appeal to them. Simple soup cans that could be seen everywhere at the time did not seem as appreciable. Collectors bought Warhol’s Campbell Soup paintings for $ 100 each until the last day of Irving Blum. The gallery owner decided to buy the rest of Warhol’s paintings for just $ 1,000, and it was a $ 100 monthly instalment payment.

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These unwanted cans of soup would soon become one of the most targeted images by leading art dealers, galleries, and museums around the world and the auction price is over $ 20 million. Warhol was also one of the first artists to take out the processes used in the production of industrial products such as silkscreen printing techniques used to make art allowing him to produce the same works over and over in large numbers without the need to start from scratch. He also sold them as editions which were much more affordable than selling single pieces at an extremely high price making his work accessible to the public.

His work was also published as merchandise or various souvenirs. They were inexpensive and cheap such as shoes, shopping bags, aprons, and especially Campbell-style soup dresses that people could buy and possess in exchange for the label of two cans of vegetable soup plus $ 1. Decades have since passed and these inexpensive works of art are now of great value and kept in the art museum collection.

World-class collectors do not believe in the exhibitions of Andy Warhol that show in our homes because of the quality of such good art. In addition to having good eyesight and vision, a long way to see the value of great art over time. One must have courage, confidence, and an open-mind to accept things that are different from the values ​​of their own times. It is nothing more than their love and passion for art at their utmost heart.


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