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“Look Simple but Complex!” Ravit Teutvongse An Abstract Painter Being charmed by the trowel and the thickness of acrylic paints, Ravit has encapsulated his emotions, life attitudes, and ideas in a tangible form on the canvas, the battlefield of his feelings and eagerness for success. Without detail-oriented, his bold trowel strokes through scraping and scratching techniques brought about the complexity of the paint thickness through multi-color blending. Ravit aims to feature his concept intertwined with abandonment in Buddism lessons that are the core belief in Thailand, his motherland. His works will be focused on the different essence in daily life based on the emptiness, the unexpected, and the philosophy of life which he has experienced from his life and many parts of the world. "Just do it!" said Ravit.

Taweesak express emotions, feelings with bright oil colors paint, brush strokes and the thickness of paint layers. Dimensions, emotions, feelings of the paintings will add positive energy to the audience, in the midst of the dire covid-19 situation. In almost 26 years of his artist experience, the thickness to his artwork layer by layer is the more of his experience to his artwork. In the art gallery – 333Anywhere where is very suitable for conveying all the artist’s emotions, feeling, during visiting this exhibition it will make you like standing among thousands of colorful flowers make you refresh and energizing.

“Meditation” refers to the tricks or strategies that induce “concentration”. to keep the mind at peace not wandering distracted aimlessly This work of art therefore arises under the concept of “Meditation” by using shapes, lines and colors to address the emotional state and feelings (according to the state of the mind) and strategies or strategies to influence them. Achieving my “concentration” is the cultivation of mindfulness along with the strokes. continuous line to keep the mind focused on drawing and to bring the mind into a state of peace, those shapes, lines and colors Therefore, it is only a tool for “practicing meditation” with the desire to achieve a calm, clear mind, relieved from various tensions. No matter how good or bad my emotional and emotional state was, in the end I focused mainly on the state of peace and refinement of my mind. The success result is due to the factors in the art creation process. A special by-product is a very good “purification of the mind” symptoms. The sludge in the mind was effectively removed and dispelled.

Saravut, An Abstract painter. Honour Award: Silpa Bhirari Silver Medal Award and 14th Exhibition of Contemporary Art By Young Artist 1997

Hiroko’s curiosity for transitional spaces is manifested through the tension between revealing and concealing, expansion and contraction. Through the language of familiar, yet unrecognizable forms, she attempts to create an abstract space that recognizes the interdependence of all things - celebrating movement in stillness, and stillness in movement. Often borrowing from the philosophy of Japanese aesthetics where art is seen as a vehicle to experience the metaphysical, Hiroko seeks to cultivate a practice that serves as an expanding space for contemplation.

Panchat Yodmanee (Ice) is a contemporary surrealist painter who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Her Paintings involve the portrayal of beauty and the astrology of art. Ice views art as a rhetorical question where even she finds herself asking if it's real and whether it should be interpreted. With inspiration from great minds like Van Goh, she uses the same methodology and concept to convey messages into her works. Her work is more than just a painting as it tells a story about the artist Her surrealist way of painting is intended to elevate the mind to see beyond what you see before you. She uses mixed media in her works whereby some of her work may include text. In addition to that, Ice looks to make artwork that will allow her viewers to reflect, in her own words “ my art is a medium of silence for the eager to reflect and connect into their inner world.”


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