Artist Manual

333 Art Dot Gallery looks to bridge the gap between art lovers, collectors, and artists by making it easy to sell your work to a global community. You shall receive 65% of all profits made from your art sales. With us, all you have to do is cover the cost of packaging and we shall handle the shipping and logistics. We offer payments by Paypal, wire transfer, and cryptocurrency. We have curators who shall aid in highlighting each and every one of our artists to a wide range of buyers. We are eager to be one of the biggest art marketplace platforms in Thailand and internationally.  Join us as we embark on this journey to success.

Please review the steps down below to begin uploading your work on 333 Art Gallery

(i) Submit your name and Photo ID 

  • Set up your account by choosing your work email, picture, and passwords
  • Scroll below for additional information such as billing address
  • Once you have read through the terms and conditions proceed to click “Submit” and wait for a confirmation email from us.
  • This will usually take less than a couple of minutes.
  •  Once the email is received you can proceed to sell your art on 333 Art gallery.

   (ii) Photograph your work

  • In order to begin selling your artworks on our platform, you need to take photographs of your work 
  • These photographs need to be: 
  • A JPEG file in RGB format 
  • Not more than 2 MB
  • The lighting needs to be balanced, please avoid any harsh shadows as this will distort the appearance of your work. 
  • The quality – Avoid excessive noise by using a low ISO, (ideally between 100-200), or by shooting in sufficient light.
  • Review images at 100% when choosing the best shot to ensure you also choose the best focus

Please follow watch the video below to get the best shots of your work 

(iii) Uploading you work

  • Once sure your work meets our format as mentioned above, Remember to cross-check the title, size, date of creation, price, category, and keywords.
  • Keywords help in highlighting your works hence making them easy to find, remember to use specific keywords for your artworks.
  • Include multiple shots of your work hanging on walls and with close-ups. This will encourage interested buyers to follow up with a purchase.

(iv) Complete your Bio and Artist Blurb

  • Please include a short excerpt with information on where you went to school, different exhibitions you have been part of and a brief introduction about yourself.
  • Buyers and collectors like to connect with artists and this helps them feel like they know you 
  • This information also increases the chance of you working with other curators.
  • Include why you make the kind of art you do, what it means to you, what your inspirations are, who do you compare your works etc 

(vi) Upload your profile 

  • Once you have read through and added all the needed information, go on to add your social media handles Like shown in the image below.
  • Click save and your account is complete 
  • Remember to update your portfolio periodically so as to always have it updated 

(c) Packaging and Shipping

In the event that you make sells of your artwork, the following will happen:

  • When you make a sale you will receive an email confirming the sale as well as information on the next steps you will need to carry out to successfully deliver your work the buyer. 
  • You will need to Immediately schedule a time and date for our courier partner to pick up the sold work.
  • You will follow this up with an email to us informing us of the scheduled time and date and proof of work picked up by the courier.
  • If after 48 hours of scheduling for a courier and no response please reach out to us.
  • Please be informed that all artworks are picked from the artist’s location.
  • You are responsible for the packaging.
  • The buyer is responsible for shipping cost, this reflects in the grand total when buying the artworks.
  • Please provide a Certificate of Authenticity inside the package.
  • Once the package is picked and delivered by our courier you will receive an email and your payment shall reflect in your account as well.

Open Edition Print Sales 

We shall email you once a sale has been made for an open edition work. We shall take care of printing and shipping the work to the customer. Once payment is received we shall forward the payment to you. Please be patient as we print the editions for your customer. It may take an extra day or two.

Cost of Shipping 

The buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping. This cost of shipping will be broken down for the buyer. Your main responsibility is to make sure that the artwork is packed according to our packaging guidelines. 

***Below is a video of how to package your work for shipping ***

1617948125875 1024x572, 333Art.Gallery, Online Art Gallery Platform

Shipping Insurance 

333 Art Gallery will insure the shipment according to the artist’s commission for the sold work. (for example, if an artwork is sold for ฿30,000, the artist gets ฿19,500 which is 65% of the sale. In the event that the artwork is damaged during shipping even though the artist packed the work following our guidelines above, 333 Art shall owe the artist ฿27,000)

However, if the artwork is damaged due to poor packaging, We will deem it non-insurable and hold the artist accountable for the damages. Therefore we will work with the buyer to return the artwork and receive a full refund.  

We advise the artist to acknowledge that they have followed our packaging guidelines or consulted with us during packing. We will ask that artists to send us photographs of the packed artwork before shipping to help us determine whether or not the packaging is adequate.

To avoid damages please watch the provided tutorials on how to properly package your work. Do not hesitate to reach out to us should you need any assistance.


333 Art Gallery takes care of all shipping logistics while the buyer pays for the cost of shipping. We provide secure payment channels and a third party software as our payout manager. 


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