Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is full of luxuriant and paradox that inspires many Thai artists to disseminate their work. Some Thai artists may depict figurative objects or the realistic landscape of places to show how they think about the situation – however, 333Art.Gallery is an online space dedicated to International and Thai Artists to explore their ideas or beliefs with contemporary concepts through art pieces. We are open for artists from Thailand or anywhere to be our artist and show their arts with diverse styles, topics and mediums.

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The Styles of Thai Artist

Thai artists may have various styles of creating art, however, the majority of Thai artists are influenced by Professor Silpa Bhirasri, an Italian sculptor who founded Silpakorn University, the first Art school of Thailand. He was hailed as the Father of Modern art of Thailand and the Thai Contemporary art scene. His famous motto is “ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS” which means “Art is long, life is short” which has become the motto in everyone’s heart. Many Thai artists and art people still respect and praise him because he rooted the great conceptual framework to Thai contemporary artists. Moreover, students and alumni from Fine Art, Silpakorn University are admitted as eminent artists, who continue to develop on his style of work; some may get rewards or receive national artist awards that make his style eternal.

Even if Prof. Silpa Bhirasri had strongly influenced Thai artists, however, In the present, the innovation of technology has become more influential toward everyday life. Therefore, young Thai artists are utilizing a new medium and platform to do the art, not only hand painting like in the past, but they also use technology to create art pieces or art forms.  Moreover, they also learn outside  the existing style and mix them with cultural styles which make Thai art even more remarkable.

The Savor of Contemporary Artist

Speaking frankly, the contemporary art world is another personal historical work which the artists’ reflect. Some contemporary artists may agree or disagree with the concepts, but they present the artwork to inform the audiences, no right or wrong but only reasonableness. However, different countries, different minds that make Thai Contemporary Art topics are outstanding because of the various ideas, styles and expressions of every life and current situation. Thai artists have robust conceptual frameworks in contrast to western artists because of religion and belief. 333Art Gallery strongly supports the artists toward contemporary art concept.

The Representative Artist

The representative artist is an artist who wishes to work with a gallery, not only show their art, but the gallerist will help the artist to sell their artworks, coordinate with others, promote the artist and support the artist on the upcoming project. It has the contract that the artist and gallery have already signed.

333 Gallery and 333 Anywhere also have representative artists that we work closely with namely,

  • Ananyot Jannual, Thai surrealist painter
  • Darakorn Sornpood, Thai portrait painter
  • Panchat Yodmanee, Thai surrealist painter
  • Phapat Seenaem, Thai contemporary artist
  • Phumin Phupha, Thai contemporary artist
  • PongPon Preechanon, Thai contemporary artist
  • Weeraya Yamansabeedeen, Thai contemporary realistic painter
  • Kajonsak Rungsuriyan, Thai contemporary artist
  • Jitti Jumnianwai, Thai contemporary, Designer toy artist

The Hybrid space for everyone

The concept of hybrid space from 333 Gallery and 333Art.Gallery plays a significant role in showing their physical and virtual talent that help International and Thai Artists access art lovers around the world limitlessly. This platform will provide you with a list of notable Thai artists, brief profiles, work experiences and worklists. Besides that, we offer art articles from well-known art writers to aid you to understand their work and Thai Artists.

You can support The artists by buying their art pieces or his art exhibition catalogues with 333Art.Gallery.



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