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The Messenger Through The Twilights

The Messenger Through The Twilights​

The Group Ceramic Exhibition by 5 Artists

Pim Sudhikam
Wittawat Piyachaiwut
Aor Sutthiprapha
Mo Jirachaisakul

Curated by Manipa Jayawan

Clay supported by Pottery Clay Co., Ltd.

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Soil is the origin of nature earth, considered as life moisturizer’s primary source. It also has some magical wonder in its physical state, for it can be transformed from elasticity to the enduring rigidity by means of a particular thermal energy of the firing process. A daily-used utensil like pottery is subsequently accepted as an efficient archeological evidence tracing the past civilizations of each era. Within its qualities of being a “media” and “message”, the ceramics are therefore the great medium as a perfect conveyor flawlessly connecting to the future.

The end of the world resulting from the collapse of civilization frequently depicted in almost every belief and religion since ancient times. Apparently, it was prophesied as a destiny of mankind. It started out by manifesting forms of faith to defeat all evils. Then the awareness was raised to reflect the impact of human endeavor to dominate nature. Especially, the concept of Western capitalism that prevails the way of life in the modern world by creating all kinds of facilities. However, rapid changes cause numerous crises in different ways and tend to occur more frequently. It underscores the warning signs of an apocalyptic fate that is coming closer to us. Or is this the reason why nature has begun to reregulate and equilibrate a rapidly changing world?

Transition period is a connection stage that usually occurs in a short duration. The twilight is likewise a juncture between day and night at a time of the sun rising and setting. When the brightness of daylight gradually turns into darkness; it seems like a trancelike moment interrupting us so that we begin to retrospect what we have been through and anticipate what will happen next. Parallel stands of those phenomena are comparable to the period of pre- and post-world ending where these transitions cause a notion and preparation by a slight nudge to respond to the enormous change of a new beginning inevitably.

“Clay” as a type of fine-grained natural soil, is the beginning of this exhibition gathering five ceramic artists to convey and create the evidence of present civilization by its magical characteristic as the origin of life.

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